Contra-Mestre Fabio of the International Capoeira Angola Foundation in Washington DC has been posting many videos of the history of our Mestres in many different rodas from the past 20 years.
You can see the entire archive here.

Below are some more videos of rodas

  • This is an AMAZING video of a children's roda in Belo Horizonte in 1999. watch it.

    •  This is a video of two women Mestres in Capoeira: Mestre Janja and Mestre Paulinha are both in Grupo Nzinga ; both were students of Mestre Moraes.

    •  This is Mestre Paulinha playing at the 2008 Women's conference sponsored by FICA:

    • Mestra Gege (of FICA) and ContraMestra Barbara (of ACANNE) playing at the 2017 Capoeira Women's conference in Washington DC

  •  This is Mestre Valmir singing a Ladainha at the beginning of a roda.

  • The corrido is:
    Call: Dona maria como vai voce?
    Response: Vai voce, Vai voce

    • This is our own Mestre Jurandir playing in 2003 in Bahia.

    The corridos are
    -Angola eh eh, Angola ah ah,
    o berimbau ta me chamando eu vou jogar
    -Angolinha, Angola

    • This is our own Mestre Silvinho playing with Contra-Mestre Salim (a student of Mestre Joao Grande) at FICA Oakland, with Mestre Cobra Mansa on the gunga.

    The corridos are:
    -Agora sei porque matar o meu besouro
    Depois de morto besourinho cordao de ouro
    ...cordao de ouro...

    • This is Mestre Valmir playing with Mestre Cobra Mansa

    The corrido is
    Beira-mar ioio, Beira-mar iaia
    beira-mar beira-mar ... e' de ioio...
    beira-mar beira-mar ... e' de iaia...