Thursday, January 24, 2008

News for a New Quarter...

Hey Everyone!

We're back and bigger than ever. With 20 members, the club is coming together nicely. Thanks to everyone for your support of Capoeira and continued commitment to the club. This quarter we're meeting in the Ridgeway Martial Arts Room instead of Carver. At least that is the plan, so always check Ridgeway first. We'll meet Tuesdays from 5-7 and Fridays from 2-4. These times are designed to accomodate the most people so feel free to leave early or arrive late, but do try to get at least an hour of practicing in. Also, we have new people joining every week so feel free to bring friends whenever you want!

For those who've attended before, we're currently working on Mestre Bimba's 8 Sequences for beginners. You can find examples here:

For those who are new... don't worry. We'll work to get you caught up at your own speed so we can have a fun, enjoyable time for all.

Look forward to seeing everyone as often as possible!