Tuesday, May 24, 2016

2016 Afro-Brasilian Festival!

Brought to you with the generous support of:
WWU Dance Department
WWU Anthropology Department
WWU AS Activities Council
the Whatcom Peace and Justice Center
The Community Food Co-op

Saturday, June 4th:
1pm: Capoeira Angola Roda at the Bellingham Farmers' Market

6pm: Screening of of "From the Bottom Up", a film is about culture and revolutionary change in the Jequitinhonha Valley of Minas Gerais, Brazil. The tale is told from the perspective of artists, religious leaders, and educators in the town of Araçuaí. These cultural activists allied with indigenous communities, unions, and women’s organizations to transform a society that had been marked by centuries of slavery, ethnic cleansing, and extreme poverty. Legend has it that prostitutes, who stood up to a corrupt priest some 150 years ago, founded Araçuaí. They decided to relocate up river rather than tolerate his abuse. Many like to believe that this rebellious tradition is why Araçuaí became an epicenter of resistance from the bottom up. Location TBA.

Sunday June 5th: VU Multipurpose Room
10am: Capoeira Angola Movement Class with Mestre Silvinho
1pm: Capoeira Angola Music Class with Mestre Silvinho
2:15 pm: samba class with Dora Oliveira
3:30 pm: Cuban Salsa Class with Antonio Diaz
4:45 pm: Capoeira Angola Roda

Free for Students! $5/class for the general public.