Sunday, October 7, 2012

A calendar for fall quarter!

Mark your calendars!

Mestre Silvinho is planning to come train with us on the weekend of October 13th and 14th. Workshops will start at 4pm on Saturday in the Fairhaven Commons Lounge at Fairhaven College, on the south end of WWU's campus. On Sunday, workshops will start at 9:30 am.
Mestre will be back on the weekend of november 16th to the 18th. He will also come to Bellingham on tuesday, november 6th to give a guest lecture in WWU's "movement and culture" class.

Criss, one of M. Silvinho's students will join us for our Monday practices on Oct. 15th, Nov 4th and Dec 3rd.

Also, Sunday Dec. 2nd is the tentative date for FICA Northwest's annual gathering at the studio in Seattle, with the presence of Mestre Jurandir!

Vamos vadiar n'angola, n'angola vamos vadiar...