Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Winter quarter

We are again meeting on Mondays from 5:30 to 7:30 in the MultiPurpose Room of the Viking Union.

Mestre Silvinho will join us to train on Sunday, February 19th. We will start with a music class at 12:30pm, location TBD.

Also, here's a message from Skya:

Hello Capoeistras ~
     I am learning a new technique of massage and need a lot of bodies to practice on.  The new style is Manual Ligament Therapy (MLT), which is based on cutting-edge research that it is LIGAMENTS, not muscles, that communicate with the nervous system to determine how much tone a muscle holds.  The ligaments are so sensitive that they are easily damaged, and can get "stuck" in  a holding pattern long after an injury has healed, especially since they do not get as much oxygen nor nutrients as other soft tissues.  
     MLT is a gentle pressure on the ligaments, which "resets" the connection between muscle and brain.  This is done in various positions, and so you need to wear loose clothing that can move easily.  I am offering an hour of MLT focusing on my current lessons for $25 -- from now until Feb. 17, the focus is front and back of legs and feet.  To make an appointment, please call (360) 383-2287.  Thank you for helping out!
     Blessings, Skya Fisher, LMP