Friday, May 23, 2014

5th annual Afro-Brasilian Festival!

Come join us for Bellingham's fifth annual Afro-Brasilian Festival - a
day of music, dance, and community featuring, samba, west african
dance, and capoeira angola!

Saturday, May 31st
WWU, Carver Gym D

9am: registration and welcome
10am: Capoeira Angola class with Treinel Daniel and Mestre Silvinho
12pm: Capoeira Angola kids class with Mestre Silvinho
1pm: samba class with Dora Oliveira
2pm: Capoeira Angola music class with Treinel Daniel
3pm: West African Dance with Manimou Camara
4pm: Capoeira Angola roda
6pm: dinner

Free for students. For the public: $5 for any and all classes, $10 for
the dinner

There was an overview of the event in the AS Review of 5/27.