Capoeira angola tradition

In the international capoeira angola foundation, we follow in the footsteps of the great Mestre Pastinha (April 5, 1889, – November 13, 1981). Antonio Carlos Muricy made a documentary about mestre Pastinha, which is available on youtube with English subtitles.

Mestre Joao Grande was a student of Mestre Pastinha. Below (dressed in all white) he is playing with mestre Joao Pequeno (another of Mestre Pastinha's students, in Black pants) a couple of decades ago, with Mestre Moraes singing. Mestre Joao Grande's school is based in New York City. There is a documentary about Mestre Joao Grande available on youtube, in Portuguese.

Mestre Moraes (who sings many of the songs we listen to at practice) started Capoeira as a student of Mestre Joao Grande at Mestre Pastinha's academy at the age of 8. Mestre Moraes founded GCAP (Grupo de Capoeira Angola Pelourinho, whose headquarters are in Salvador, Bahia). There is a brief interview with Mestre Moraes in Portuguese available on youtube, in Portuguese. Mestre Moraes founded GCAP together with Mestre Cobra Mansa, who later took a different path and founded FICA (the International Capoeira Angola Foundation). The video below shows the two of them playing together in GCAP's space in Salvador. Mestre Cobra Mansa has researched the African Roots of Capoeira, and some of his findings are available in the documentary Jogo De Corpo/Body Games. Here is a short documentary in English about Mestre Cobra Mansa.

The corridos are:

-Tim Tim Tim La Vai Viola
-Tanto Mar, Tanta Mare', p'ra que na lagoa tanto jacare?

Mestre Jurandir was among the original students of Mestre Moraes' at the founding of GCAP. Here he is playing with Mestre Cobra Mansa, and a young Mestre Silvinho on Gunga.

In the video, they sing these three corridos:
-Sai Sai Catarina
-A bananeira caiu
-A onça morreu, o mato e meu

Mestre Silvinho is a student of Mestre Jurandir, and our immediate mentor. Below he is playing with ContraMestre Salim at the FICA studio in Oakland, with Mestre Cobra Mansa singing on Gunga.

The corridos are:
-Agora sei porque mataram meu besouro, depois de morto, Besourinho Cordao de Ouro
-Besourinho Besourinho, Cordao de Ouro

-Mamae me mandou dizer...

One of the most legendary Capoeiristas of the past was Besouro, whose life was made into a Hollywood-style feature film. Contra-Mestre Salim (a student of Mestre Joao Grande) made a documentary about Besouro, based on interviews with Mestres.